Class Descriptions

This is your indoor cycle studio. There are many different levels and styles from which to choose!

All classes for all levels. All classes start with the basic and you can add as much as you want. It is your ride!

Basic Cycle: All are welcome! Extra time is spent setting you up on your bike, proper positioning, and moving comfortably through a variety of drills to build stamina and confidence. Please arrive early for help setting up your bike (45 min)

Booty Cycle: Lots of lifts! Shape and strengthen your booty while in this class. (45 min)

Dance Cycle: This is a dance party on a bike! Let loose to the music and move to the beat (45 min)

Iron Cycle: Use hand weights while on bike, building upper body strength while getting a great cardio workout. (45 min)

Fly- by: 30 minutes continuous all out pace. Get there fast.

Revolutions: Work on keeping your revolutions per minute (RPM) to the tempo of the music. Set a goal with each song. (45 min)

Simple Cycle: This could be for you if you want to simply cycle . Great for beginners, pregnant woman, seniors , those with bad knees or SIMPLY anyone that wants to cycle. All are welcome! (45 min)

Solid Ride: Strength is encouraged with focus on heavier resistance, slower tempos, and steeper hills. (45 min)

Theme Ride: Your music will take you to that special place or special time, anywhere from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc.  Beach, Indie, or Latin beats will take you to a new place each time. (45 min)

Training Ride:  Pure cycling in your saddle, work on endurance, and mental strength, and stamina. (45 min)

Watt Ride: This is all about how much power you can produce and put out. Bikes are equipped with M-Power Echelon Console to measure: Watts, Kcal, Cadence (RPM), Speed, Distance, Gear and Telemetry Heart Rate for this ride using the console.  (45 min)