See how many weeks in October you can ride 20 miles. A prize for the participant that has the most 20 mile weeks in October.

Set yourself up for the November 2nd Challenge.
25 miles with Jenn at the studio on our bikes. We will have snacks and water provided.

New Friday Early Morning Class
6:30 am Fly-by
Join Jenn at the crack of dawn for this new class.

New Client Deals

3 classes for $30

Great Falls Cycle Studio

Great Falls Cycle Studio is not just a gym or a workout, it is an experience.
It is made for you. It is a place where you can let go and be, give what you have to give, and leave rejuvenated.
It is close to home. You don’t have to join but you will be a part, a part of your community, your class, and your ride!
A complete mind, body, and soul experience. Commit to your fitness, ride and be refueled. You will find a level and style for you!

Are you ready to cycle?

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